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Clothing Design Process

Making process can be made with a simple design, can also be made complicated and cumbersome. Simple, if the shape and style statement relates only to the manufacture of clothing called a form of fashion sketches. However, the more complicated and cumbersome if the shape and style should also involves other factors, such as traditional elements, cultural, and symbolic elements.
Stages that must be passed in order to be realized requires insight clothing and apparel, a person's personality, as well as the development of fashions. It should not be forgotten is the basic requirement for prospective users of fashion, form or model selection, the selection of supplementary materials or clothing, making the right size, pattern-making and changes in the model, cutting materials and complementary clothing, as well as the completion of the clothing is good and right.
 The above process is called the fashion design process. In order to get a good result fashion design, fashion designers should work closely with the entire existing workforce, so that the sense and purpose of the design was created to be achieved, the embodiment according denagn fashion design.
In the manufacture of fashion design, there are several stages of thinking in order to get a good result fashion design. The stages are as follows:
  1. Sketch the shape Clothing
    • What form of clothing made?
    • How many years old?
    • How does body shape and color of his skin?
    • What about his personality?
    • Where and when the clothes worn or displayed?
    • How environmental situation?
    • This type of material or complement what is needed?
    • How construction, color, and style material?
    • What is the overall cost required?
    • Other factors that should also be considered, such as usability, appearance, comfort, trends, and maintenance.
  1. Body Anatomy Sketches or Illustrations
    • Comparison or size needed
    • And the shape of underwear models
    • The selection of supplementary materials and clothing
    • Mechanical completion of clothing
  1. Sources Idea Evaluation Results
    • Is it consistent with the idea or the source of the idea?
    • Repairs and improvements
  1. The process of embodiment Clothing
    • Fashion design
    • Decision-size clothing
    • Manufacture or processing of pattern
    • Cutting materials and complementary clothing
    • Completion of fashion
    • Completion end fashion
    • Clothing Appearance
    • Fashion design outcomes assessment by others
    • Making fashion design

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