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Shape Design Fashion Illustration

Illustration of fashion is fashion design drawings that can be replicated and developed as information on creating a fashion. Illustration section - part of the clothing covering a wide variety of shapes and underwear model as follows:
  1. Shape skirt
  2. Shape pants
  3. Shape skirt pants
  4. Concave shape of the neck
  5. Form of collar
  6. Form of arms
  7. Shape cover clothing or parts
  8. Decorative line shape, pockets, and clothing ornaments

Fashion illustrations can also be a fashion image as a whole or the overall shape of. such as the following:
  1. Shape pants play
  2. Child dress form
  3. Shape negligee
  4. Forms of work clothes
  5. Forms of Muslim dress
  6. Form of party dress
  7. Shape wedding dress
  8. Form of local clothing
  9. Form of stage outfits
Fashion illustration design goals as beriktu:
  1. To develop a source of ideas and create a wide variety of shapes and models of clothes.
  2. Order in creation, a source of ideas can be understood by others.
  3. The creation of sources of ideas can be expressed in terms of the actual clothing.
In studying and making fashion illustrations should be familiar with the terms of any detail the parts of clothing. Giving the term is based on several things, such as shape, construction, country of origin, the popular name, the name of the creator of the first. Often also occurs, fashion lovers call or give a name according to its understanding.
Examples of some of these terms as follows:
  1. Shape and Construction
    Sack neck: round shape, square, V and U
    Collar: collar up, fall down, and half upright collar
    Sleeve: sleeve smooth, bell sleeves, and tulip sleeves
  2. Native country
    Collar: collar Shanghai, Mandarin collar, Chinese collar and collar matrus or sailor from the UK
    Sleeve: sleeve kimono from Japan and arm Philipin of the Philippines.
  3. Popular Names and Creator
    Concave neck: Sabrina
    Collar: Shiller and Bertha
Drawing illustrations are simple, but have meaning da n can cause kesanyang attractive and alluring. Development of illustration could arise if an individual's expertise in the manufacture of clothing already possessed. Illustration is the first step to seek alternative forms of clothing, and is a development of the forms which are well known by lovers of fashion.
In searching, developing new forms, and assess the appropriate fashion beauty denagn his time, does not eliminate the original values ​​or regionalism is standard. Development of illustrations covering certain parts, for example at the collar, sleeves, covering clothes, decorative lines, and ornate clothing. Kerjainan hand, such as applique, embroidery, corsage, and installation of sequins, can be developed in a fashion illustration.

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