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Stanford Design School

Stanford is one of the principal educational institutions driving the paradigm shift in the design field today. We teach Design Thinking and innovation methodologies aimed at creating highly leveraged graduates who, acting as change agents, tackle the “wicked problems” of sustainability, renewable energy, technology futures, design-driven behavior change and organizational transformation. Our highly immersive program starts with creative transdisciplinary individuals, and adds unique design methodologies, a hands-on approach, a depth in design thinking, and a rigorous approach to problem solving to produce extraordinary results. Our processes drive a clear distinction between "doing the right thing" and "doing things right". We focus on creating the ability to manage the simultaneous combination of high-level strategic thinking and tangible solution creation, be it products, services or experiences, that have a high impact on human lives. This duality is evidenced in the diversity and complexity of the unique, self-directed Thesis projects that students tackle during their second year in the Program.

Art History is a discipline that strives to understand works of art, architecture and design from a variety of perspectives, including the original context of their making and reception as well as their subsequent circulation, collection, conservation, and display.  As culturally embedded expressions, works of art may yield multiple meanings depending on the kinds of research and interpretive strategies that art historians bring into play.  These might include consultation of original archives, philosophical and critical discourses, as well as research into social history or formal analysis. 

"Come immerse yourself in design thinking.”
  • If you’re interested in exploring the d.school, please join us for a tour! You’ll learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we think.
  • We host public tours every Friday starting at noon (with a more limited schedule during the summer). The tour runs an hour, including plenty of time for questions & answers. The tours are hosted by d.school students and alums who are experts in design thinking and are excited to share their experiences with using the methodology in the field. We do not offer tours at alternative times.
  • We do ask that you please limit your group to ten or fewer so as not to overwhelm the tour guide or the rest of the tour. Thanks for your understanding!
  • If you can’t make it to a regularly scheduled tour, you are welcome to come by and see our space on your own. Our doors are open M-F, 9-5,  and we do have materials to guide your exploration

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