Online Design Schools

Many who want to become a famous design someday, such as fashion design, graphic design, website design and others. 

On this website I will try to share knowledge about the design that can be utilized as literature in the learning process in the design world. Knowledge I can about the design comes from all such references from the internet, magazines, books, school formal and others I will share it all into this website.

I wrote in this blog about design school online a wide range of design be it fashion design, graphic design, website design and others. With the existence of this blog can make it easier for designers to seek knowledge about the reference design quality and is able to add to the experience in the world of design.

Hopefully everything I write here is beneficial for you and you are able to add insight in learning about the science of design. If you have little knowledge about the design you want to share in this blog, I am ready to receive your writing and I will soon be posting to this blog. Send your writing to me to zoelvyxar@yahoo.com email address.

Thank you very much for visiting Online Design School ... :)

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