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Clothing Design Type

  1. Fashion Design Sketch (Fashion Sketching)
It is an outline or an outline of a draft mode using pencil, pen, or other stationery. Design a linear fashion sketch, zoom of lines, so it can menempilkannya quickly.
Design sketches will allow someone to translate the form of a fashion design as it ought to appear, making it easy to make it happen in the form of actual clothing.
Drawing talent from someone memenag very helpful in fashion sketching. However, this is not an obstacle for someone who does not have the talent to learn to draw fashion design sketches. To make fashion design sketches, one must already know the proportions of the human body in proportion or fashion fashion figure, instead of the normal proportions.
Fashion design sketches is important for those who study the field of fashion and those working in the fashion world. The lines that exist in the sketch talk more, which can explain the variety of shapes and models of clothes clearly, rather than a series of words or sentences.
  1. Ergonomic Design or Design Anatomy
Ergonomics design is often interpreted by the design of the human anatomy is closely related to the science of human anatomy. Ergonomics design is an illustration that prioritizes the shape of the human body, including upper body and lower limbs consisting of arms complete with his fingers, upper legs and bottom complete with fingers, form kainya shoe or pad, complete with a facial details of the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair and completion.
The proportion of the human body that are used in ergonomic design drawing or anatomy is normal proportions according to the ratio of actual or normal figure, which is 7.5 times the height of the head.
  1. Illustration Fashion Design (Fashion ilustration)
Is a fashion design clothes that do not show the details clearly, but more emphasis to fall on the body fabric, silhouette, beauty, and design flexibility.
Design fashion illustration is shown as follows:
    • AAU models emphasize appearance model with attitude and highly preferred body shape, pose and body proportions play an important role, as well as the model poses are always changing in accordance with the prevailing fashion trends.
    • Emphasizing the impression or the type of the model in question, for example, fashion design illustration should look feminine, looked cheerful and youthful, graceful and dignified, or look childish.
    • Stressing on clothing completion techniques, prioritizing the appearance of lines, as well as the fall of materials and surface texture of the material or fabric used.
  1. Fashion Illustration Design Documentation (Presentation Sketching)
Fashion design is based on the history of fashion, shown by the attitude and style that is adapted to the times and places of the developing fashions and vogue. For example, the design of the Renaissance era clothing, Nouvenau Art, Art Deco, 60s, and 80s.
  1. Fashion Design Promotion (Promotion ilustration)
Fashion design is intended for the purpose of promoting a particular product. Fashion design promotional display is very spontaneous. Explanation of words is very limited, but the picture has been able to deliver a shock or attraction for consumers to buy or use the product being promoted.
Promotional clothing designs shown in the form of print ads is realized in the form of black and white images to facilitate the printing process.
  1. Fashion Design Production (Production Sketching)
Fashion design is shown with siakp a clear, forward-facing rear is equipped with an image. Details denagn clearly drawn clothing, even a crisis point drawn from its own fashion designs to help tailor the clothing of the design was completed. This is done because the production will be realized fashion design into a ready-made clothes in large quantities.

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