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Definition of Fashion Design

Before we start learning in online design school blog this, we should first know the sense of fashion design.
Clothing or clothing and accessories that we use every day are made not so long, but based on a particular pattern or design is called design. Design a fashion that causes seem attractive, elegant, and comfortable to wear.
The more advanced living standards, more and more require the role of design. The higher people's taste in dress, the higher the overall accuracy of the design demands. Therefore, in dress, in essence requires two people are always at the same value, namely the value of the physical form of tasteful and comfortable to wear, and spiritual values ​​in the form of beauty and elegance.
In making fashion design illustrations, some of the information required knowledge, skills in the field of fashion and creativity. Creativity is the creativity of a person who poured into the shape of an object, in this case is a form of fashion. Creativity in the form of fashion sketches, fashion illustrations, as well as concrete objects or clothing are inviting art, so manimbulkan reveal a sense of comfort and beauty.

Definition of Design
The design comes from the English design, which means "design, plan, or they form". From the word design, timbulah word "design", which means creating, thinking, designing. Design is emphasized in this book on "them in such" fashion.
A fashion designer should be able to express themselves in ways that accentuate one's own personality through fashion creations are made. The tendency of users to look different fashion in dress is a challenge for fashion designers. This has encouraged fashion designers to find and create new forms as the source of their ideas.
Design is a design pattern which is the basis of making an object, such as clothing. Designs generated by thoughts, considerations, calculations, and should not leave ourselves from nature, ideals, sense, and the crowd craze. As a result, the design of concrete poured on paper drawing, it can easily be captured by the sense and meaning of others so that it can easily be realized in the form of actual clothing.
From the description above summarized as follows:
  1. Design is a form of the formulation of a process of thought, consideration, and calculations.
  2. The design is outlined in the form of a transfer of the picture or the mindset concrete idea of ​​the designer to others.
  3. Each dress is a work of the disclosure of the appearance of a design.

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