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Design Work Clothes

The fashion world is always rife with various fashionable new clothes and fashionable. Included are a blend of fashion work trousers with a blouse, jacket, or blazer. Paired work clothes can be worn in various occasions, whether formal, casual, or for a special occasion.
The selection of material for pants and his boss are usually chosen not wrinkle and easy to maintain. Also adapted to design clothes that will be created. For example, to blend trousers and blazer, usually chosen materials sandwash, gabardine, lightweight wool, corduroy, velvet, jeans, and others. Materials for the blouse, for example crêpe, crêpe de chine, tissue, silk, satin, and others.
To be more accurate sizing, usually the pattern is made first, and then be able to determine how much material is needed.
Here are the alloy fashion design work:
Picture 2
  1. Alloy trousers and short jacket without collar with embellishments on the front syabo
  2. Alloy trousers and collarless blazer with scalopped pieces on the bottom side
  3. Alloy trousers and three-quarter sleeved blazer with Midriff at the waist line, giving the impression of streamlining.
  4. Alloy trousers and short-sleeved jacket with three-quarter line open collar. Openings with buttons on the front.
  5. Semiblazer blend trousers and collarless with chunks of pale
  6. Semiblazer blend trousers and pale with a collar and leash ribbon decoration.
  7. Alloy trousers and short jacket with a pointed tip on the bottom, rever collar, long sleeves and slippery.
  8. Alloy trousers and short jacket with a combination of materials. Blazer rever collar and short sleeves with dibahu wrinkles.
  9. Alloy celan long and unique cut blazer with the collar canal.
  10. Alloy trousers and blazer intersect ride with asymmetric ends. Collared blazer canal and one pocket on the front side.
Perhaps a few examples of the work of fashion design is able to provide meaningful learning and provide benefits to you. And continue to refer to the information we provide in this blog. Congratulations learning in online design school blog.

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